Code Project: create an ffmpeg front-end

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http://www.tuxradar.com – There's nothing wrong with the command-line. For many of us, it's one of the best reasons for using Linux. You can accomplish almost anything by typing things out, and command-line tools will often provide an unprecedented degree of control over how they can be run. But the command-line isn't for everyone, and there there's a surprising number of Linux users who find it unfathomable and intimidating, perhaps even a reason to avoid the Linux completely. And while it's true that you no longer have to use the command-line if you don't want to, it still means that you're missing out on some great utilities. And this is where Qt can save the day. It's the perfect tool for creating a warm and fuzzy GUI around your favourite command-line tools. It doesn't require any ace programming skills, and only a little bit of effort, but in the process you can help your command loathing friends and make your own contribution to open source application development. Creating GUIs for command line tools is one of the best ways of getting started! If you already finished our previous Qt Creator code project, how to create your own media player, you're more than ready to tackle this... read more (IT news)