CNAME: Mail address gets rewritten

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a problem with receiving mails. I do not know if my server or the server of the sender is wrong configured. I have a domain daniel-marschall.de which has following DNS RR: daniel-marschall.de. 86400 IN CNAME viathinksoft.com. The domain viathinksoft.com has the MX RR to "mail.viathinksoft.com": viathinksoft.com. 85651 IN MX 0 mail.viathinksoft.com. mail.viathinksoft.com runs Postfix, Cyrus and Debian Linux. When I send an email to webmaster (at) daniel-marschall.de e.g. using GoogleMail, the user "Daniel Marschall" at our system receives the email, which is correct (HowTos)