Clutter: The (Irregular) Clutter Weekly Report - w43

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http://www.clutter-project.org – hi everyone, and welcome to a new issue of the Irregular Clutter Weekly Report. the first news of the week is that we just released Clutter 1.0.8, the fourth stable snapshot of the 1.0 branch. this release features mostly bug fixes and documentation updates, and it also adds a single function for dealing with pre-edit strings inside ClutterText. the addition resulted in a change in the soname on Unix. this addition is required for supporting input methods for non-latin languages. on the master branch development towards the 1.2 release continues: the stage-window-object branch has been merged; this branch is a clean up of the Stage implementation code which should make implementing backends for Clutter easier also for clean up and code sanity purposes, the cogl-reorg branch has been merged. this branch does not introduce new features, but the code is now ready for implementing the features we plan for 1.2 and 1.4 the layout-manager branch has been merged; this branch adds a layout management proxy class, called ClutterLayoutManager which simplifies writing containers imposing a layout on their children — it lets you focus on writing the layout bits without worrying about implementing the Actor and Container ones. a new actor class, ClutterBox, has been added which will provide a generic container actor to be coupled with either one of the four ClutterLayoutManager sub-classes provided by Clutter or by your own ClutterLayoutManager sub-class since the 1.0 release we were able to fix the GLES 2.0 backends, thanks to the contributions from the community; a big thank you goes ti Zhou Jiangwei for his work we are planning a 1.1 developers snapshot really soon now, which will let you play around with the new API; the newly added API on 1.1 is not yet finalized, and you have time until January 2010 to give us feedback if you want to ask for changes. as usual, have fun with Clutter! (Software)