Clonezilla question

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Some weeks back, I cloned my 11.1 with Clonezilla, in anticipation of a distro upgrade and to have a backup in case of failure. I upgraded to 11.2 using a clean install. Prior to that, I backed up my docs and some other things that I thought important. Unfortunately, I backed up the wrong address book. Thinking I was looking at a current backup, I actually backed up a 2 or 3 year old file over and over again. I never looked where I was supposed to: in ./kde However, the address book file must be in the cloned partition. Is there any way to get only that file out of Clonezilla? I ran it just now, looking for a way but did not see it. I also was confused as to how to restore the clonezilla image as a whole. I could, as a last resort, put an old hard drive in a pc and restore the image to it, if I can use a smaller (though big enough for the partition) hd as receiver of the image. Please help me get my address book back. Oh, is it possible that I am still looking for the wrong file name for kaddressbook's data file? (Distributions)