CLFS: Building GCC cross compiler

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Currently I try to build a embedded Linux from scratch with the instructions from Cross Linux from Scratch. Everything worked fine until I tried to compile the GCC Cross-Compiler. I want to build the Linux for the Beagleboard-xM... So I choosed the following settings: export CLFS_ABI="aapcs-linux" export CLFS_HOST="x86_64-cross-linux-gnu" export CLFS_TARGET="armv7a-unknown-linux-uclibceabi" export CLFS_ARCH="arm" export CLFS_ENDIAN="little" export CLFS_ARM_ARCH="armv7" export CLFS_ARM_MODE="arm" export CLFS_FLOAT="hard" export CLFS_FPU="neon" No as soon as I try to run the instructions on (HowTos)