Cinelerra and F11, F12

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have been trying to install and use Cinelerra. I am using the latest git version. For F11, I cannot resolve all of the dependencies. Specifically, libuuid and libuuid-devel. These are not in any of the standard Fedora repos, but I did download them from pbone.net. But apparently that libuuid conflicts with another already installed lib - libe2p.so. For F12, I finally resolved all of the dependencies, and got it to build (BTW: there is a bug in the source code: a missing #include, which is easy enough to find :-) ) and install. I can load in several videos, but when I try to load in a video I created with mencoder, I get a SIGSEGV, and crash - it appears to have something to do with the end of the file, since it will render frames up until the last few. Any ideas? Just wondering if any has gotten this to work. TIA ken (HowTos)