Chrooted user does not start in his home directory and does not load his bash_profiles

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http://serverfault.com – If the users logs in, he starts in / of the chroot (Which is /var/jail on the real machine). I would like him to start in his home-dir. Also, he seems not to load any of his profile-files (.bash.rc etc). I followed this tutorial to create the chroot environment. This is what my /etc/passwd looks like: test:x:1004:1008:,,,:/var/jail/home/test:/bin/bash this is what my /var/jail/etc/passwd file looks like: test:x:1004:1008:,,,:/home/test:/bin/bash I also found out that, if I remove Match User test ChrootDirectory /var/jail AllowTCPForwarding no X11Forwarding no from my /etc/ (HowTos)