Chromium Web Browser

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I finally got around to trying the latest version of Google's Chromium web brower earlier today, and after a few hours of use I couldn't wait to remove it and return to Firefox. For whatever reason, it felt slow and clunky compared to Firefox so it didn't appeal to me at all. None of the three different extensions that I tried worked very well with it, and the fonts looked terrible. They were bold and fuzzy, and didn't look anything like the fonts on the rest of the Arch/KDE4 system that it was running on. Overall, it simply felt too incomplete to retain a place on my computer in its current state, but I'll certainly be trying it again after it matures some. That said, I am glad that Chromium is out there because I know some users are already very fond of it, and because the competition that it will create between web browser developers should be a good thing for end users. So, is Chromium working any better for any of the rest of you that have tried it? (HowTos)