Chromium render issue

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello!I'm using chromium as my default browser. Now and then when I browse the internets, I get some odd render issues, but only with chromium. Firefox works as a good citizen is taught to.How do I get this fixed?I posted this here because I've not seen anything like this before with any other operating system (osx, windows).Link to the video.Installed packages (pacman -Q -e)Installed packages abs 2.4.4-1 alsa-plugins 1.0.26-1 alsa-utils 1.0.26-1 alsi 0.4.4-1 autoconf 2.69-1 automake 1.13.1-1 bash 4.2.045-1 bash-completion 2.0-3 binutils 2.23.2-1 bison 2.7-1 bridge-utils 1.5-1 btrfs- (HowTos)