Char set on openSuse11.1 for printer

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Printing from console and char set on openSUSE_11.1 Problem: This does not work: lpr command cannot read filenames with special letters foreign language ("cannot find file ....") lpr will not write special letters within files But files are readable from console as to letters OKI B4350 printer is configured with HP-driver that is the only one working as far as I have tried out. awk -f script that is thoroughly worked out placing everything in the fields in question on official formula scheemes.( Production System) SLED_10_SP3 works; All characters come out. Files are printed out like they should Dare not do update on SLED_11.0 because I think I will meet the same problem. There is no crisis at the moment, but in run of time I would probably have to solve this problem. AWK uses database to formate files and LPR should write out files. I apply latin1-no as to charset. Could be a simple reason for this, and maybe simple way of solving the char set problem or whatever it is. Custom printing solve the letter-problem, but do not place items into respective fields. Therefore: cannot apply regular printing. (Distributions)