Changed an option in /etc/updatedb.conf

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello all,I started using locate to search my files. However, it never showed files in my /home directory which is, obviously, the directory I search most. Running updatedb --debug-pruning I found out that it didn't add /home to the database because it's an "autofs" filetype:┌─[jente @ lappy ~] 23:54:27 └─■ sudo updatedb --debug-pruning .... `/home' (32 on 18) is `/' of `systemd-1' (0:27), type `autofs' .... Skipping `/home': in prunefs ....So, I edited /etc/updatedb.conf and removed autofs from the PRUNEFS line. I never found any docume (HowTos)