CentOS install onto software RAID 10

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi everyone Just a quick one really. Planning a new server install (to eventually run Zimbra) and I'll be going with CentOS since our file server and intranet servers both run it as well. The server will only be serving 10-15 users so I've gone for plain old 500GB SATA drives and I'm planning to put 4 of these in a RAID 10 (we have 4 spare after recently upgrading our file server). I've never experimented with Linux software RAID before but it seems like its been around a while and I've read other people using it on a day to day basis. For this server I thought I could get away with software RAID 10 since it should be less demanding on the CPU compared to RAID 5/6. And I'd like the improved performance that RAID 10 offers over a plain RAID 1 mirror. It seems relatively easy to set up under CentOS as there's software RAID options during the install process but one thing I did read is that the /boot partition has to be installed on a RAID 1 So how about this for a plan: Create 4x 200MB software RAID partitions (one per drive) then configure them in a RAID 1 for /boot Then 4 other software RAID partitions (one per drive) using the remaining space for the RAID 10 But then what do I do about swap? Any other comments/suggestions on this? Is it actually possible to boot from a Linux software RAID? Cheers, B (HowTos)