CentOS 6: Can not start NFS

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http://serverfault.com – I am unable to start the NFS service. When starting there is no error. But the services are stopt after it. No messages at all in /var/log/messages. Same happens to rpcbind serivce. Any idea what this could be? I also tried to disable iptables. [root@server1 ~]# service nfs start [root@server1 ~]# service nfs status rpc.svcgssd is stopped rpc.mountd is stopped nfsd is stopped rpc.rquotad is stopped [root@server1 ~]# service rpcbind start [root@server1 ~]# service rpcbind status rpcbind is stopped [root@server1 ~]# cat /etc/exports /tmp *(ro) [root@server1 ~]# chkconfig --list | egrep '(rp (HowTos)