cat and uniq command

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http://www.unix.com – Hello i have tried to retrieve a distinct list of data from a file with a command combination but the uniq command line is not filtering the fields repeated. Can someone help me ? here is the file input Code: 3837734|LAUNCH TEST01 3837735|LAUNCH TEST01 3837736|LAUNCH TEST01 3837737|LAUNCH TEST01 3837738|LAUNCH TEST01 3837739|LAUNCH TEST01 3837740|LAUNCH TEST01 3837741|LAUNCH TEST01 3837742|LAUNCH TEST01 3837743|LAUNCH TEST01 3837744|LAUNCH TEST01 3837745|LAUNCH TEST01 3837746|LAUNCH TEST01 3837747|LAUNCH TEST01 3837748|LAUNCH TEST01 3837749|LAUNCH TEST01 3837750|LAUNCH TEST01 3837751|LA (HowTos)