Capturing the killed process logs

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http://www.unix.com – I have two set of questions. 1) To skip killing some process automatically. 2) To kill other process and capture their log. I have set of process, some needs to be killed gracefully and others should be skipped. Listed are the process. Code: adm 1522 ABC_DE-BillingAgreement-2012-07-11-Agreement.tra adm 1939 ABC_DE-GenesisHTTPandSOAPAdapter-2012-05-19-Genesis_Process.tra adm 2729 ABC_DE-SpecialKenan-2012-05-17-Kenan_Archive.tra adm 2729 ABC_DE-Gracefull-2012-05-17-Grace-Process.tra adm 2729 ABC_DE-Peacefull-2012-05-17-Peace-Process.tra To Skip killing some process : ============= (HowTos)