Can't unmount things mounted with gtk programs

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I use KDE and whenever I mount anything, such as a usb stick or cd, with a gtk program through it's file chooser, I am unable to unmount it through the normal KDE ways. I can open a terminal and successfully umount it, but trying to do it with dolphin or the Device Notifier widget results in the following: Code: Could not unmount the device. One or more files on this device are open within an application. I know there's nothing using any files on said volume, since issuing umount from a terminal works ok. Also, it'll unmount ok if I mount it through a KDE/Qt app or widget. I also noticed that when mounting it through a gtk program, the folder that it gets mounted to is a random string, such as /media/XXXX-XXXX, while when done through KDE it shows up as /media/disk, or something similar. Any ideas? (Distributions)