Can't mount after EBS snapshot and restore on Ubuntu 12.04

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to backup and restore an EBS volume on EC2. So this is what I'm doing: ec2-create-snapshot <ebs volume> -d <snapshot name> ec2-create-volume --snapshot <snapshot code> -z us-east-1a ec2-run-instances ami-82fa58eb -n 1 -g default -k <keypair> -t m1.large -z us-east-1a (That is an instance of ubuntu 12.04) ec2-attach-volume <restored volume code> -i <instance code> -d /dev/sdf sudo mkdir /mongo (the directory that the volume was mounted on the original instance) sudo mount /dev/xvdf /mongo -t ext4 -o defaults,auto,noatime,noexec I get the followi (HowTos)