Can't launch Snort on CentOS 6.3

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a problem installing Snort on CentOS 6.3 in a virtual environment. When I run snort - ./snort status: Running in packet dump mode --== Initializing Snort ==-- Initializing Output Plugins! Snort BPF option: status pcap DAQ configured to passive. Acquiring network traffic from "eth0". ERROR: Can't set DAQ BPF filter to 'status' (pcap_daq_set_filter: pcap_compile: syntax error)! Fatal Error, Quitting.. Also, I am trying to use the GUI called BASE and that is also not working. I have base in my /var/www/html/base directory and the configuration is set to $BASE_urlpath = '/base (HowTos)