can't install rpms whitout internet connection

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello everyone! I just installed Fedora 10 Xfce Spin nad I wanted to install some programs, so I downloaded some rpms specifically targeted on Fedora, both from the Fedora repository and the official website of the sofware, just to make shore at least one works.The programs I wnted to install where CodeBlocks IDE, Koffice and Equinox 3D. On the computer on which I have Fedora installed I do not have an internet connection.I just double-clicked on the rpms and I got some error(and I don't mean related to user priveleges).Then I tried the command-line way, for example for CodeBlocks I did: Code: rpm -i codeblocks-8.02-4.fc10.i386.rpm but then got some messages that said that I didn't have some dependencies, like libwx, libcodeblocks, etc.There are a lot of dependecies. These problems exist both with the rpms made for Fedora that I downloaded from the software's website and also from the Fedora repository at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/ . The idea is that my computer is useless, I can't install anything.I know that if I do Code: yum codeblocks or similar it's easy, but that requires an internet connection. My question is how do I install programs on Fedora without one, from the rpms I downloaded. This is very frustrating, not all of us have a permanent internet connection, but still want to use my computer :). Thanks for your time. (HowTos)