Can't install Photoshop CS2 with Wine

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Photoshop CS2 is right there on the main Wine AppDB page as a Platinum-level application that should "just work". It was the big bragging piece when Wine 1.0 was released. But I am unable to install Photoshop CS2 in openSUSE 11.2. I've been dealing with this on the Wine forums, and there was some indication that this might be a problem with openSUSE's version of Wine rather than a problem with Wine itself. So hopefully someone here can enlighten me. First, I am unable to run the Photoshop CS2 installer (Setup.exe) from outside of its directory. If I try, I get a series of 4 nonsense pop-up error messages and then Wine exits. There is no output on the console while this happens. To start the installer, I have to type: Code: wine Setup.exe from within the directory that Setup.exe resides in. At this point, the installer appears to start and run as it should. I can progress through all the installation steps until I get to the point where it asks me to select a destination folder. No matter what I pick (the default, any other folder, any other drive), I always get the following error message: and I cannot continue beyond that point. All I can do is click "Cancel" and abort everything. This happens whether I'm using version 1.1.28 (shipped with openSUSE 11.2) or 1.1.34 (from the Wine OBS). I also tried random other versions of Wine, like 1.1.32 from an SLED 11 repo, and a generic 1.1.32 from some other source. I always get the same error. I've tried deleting my .wine directory and starting from scratch, but it did not help. Hopefully someone here will be more insightful than on the WineHQ forum. Thanks, (Distributions)