Can't get IFS to work when converting array to string

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http://stackoverflow.com – Below is a bash shell script for taking in a csv file and spitting out rows formatted the way I want (Some more changes are there, but I only kept the array affecting ones below to show). FILENAME=$1 cat $FILENAME | while read LINE do OIFS=$IFS; IFS="," columns=( $LINE ) date=${columns[4]//\"/} columns[13]=${columns[13]//\"/} columns[4]=$(date -d $date +%s) newline=${columns[*]} echo $newline IFS=$OIFS; done I'm using GNU bash v 4.1.2(1)-release for CentOS 6.3 It seems like it should be outputting the array into a comma delimited string. Instead, the str (HowTos)