Can't fix problems with ATI drivers on Fedora 12

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello everyone, My girlfriend has a laptop that always chokes with Windows. She finally gave up on it and I helped her install Fedora 12, since it was the only distro that worked "out of the box" for everything; drivers I thought would be just a simple fix. After a bit of reading, I thought "uh oh, experimental ATI drivers?" and worked on making everything run smoothly. No luck. I read the guide for ATI drivers in the wiki and it did very little to help; at least she can wobble her windows :) Flash sites (such as YouTube) as incredibly slow to the point where she doesn't even bother to watch things anymore. She wants to keep Fedora because she loves the simplicity of Gnome and YUM, but is getting frustrated that she can't play any games or watch anything at all. Any suggestions for us? She's using an ATI Radeon Mobility card. I'll get the exact model later. Much help would be appreciated! Edit: It seems like ATI drivers are not supported by F12. Is there any way around this? What other distros can I try? Ubuntu/Mint fail to boot up, OpenSUSE is a pain and I am not touching that, and most others I have tried have no Wireless support. Fedora 12 seems to have made improvements to wireless, so maybe F12 is the only distro that can work on her laptop at the moment? Will the ATI drivers be fixed for the upcoming F13? (HowTos)