Can't find root device /dev/disk/by-uuid/***

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Thanks for your answer my menu.lst seems ok, and the uuid looks good (it is the same on /dev/disk/by-uidd/**)But when I try booting whithout chroot, when I am on the emergency shell, there is no /dev/disk/by-uuid For the mkinitcpio.conf, I don't know : it seems good too but ... I never had to change it to boot with this computer. On hooks I have : HOOKS="base udev autodetect pata scsi sata filesystems usbinput fsck"There is always files/directory missing when I try to pacman -S udev/linux/.... : pacman -S udev .. .. warning: could not get filesystem information for /bootmnt: No (HowTos)