Can't copy files to pendrive in nautilus, but I can with dd

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hi.I'm having a really nasty problem with my laptop. Every time I try to copy a file to a Pendrive it fails, making the USB read-only or ejecting it without my consent (after which I have to physically unplug it and plug it back for it to even appear at nautilus again).I discovered that I CAN copy files if I do it with dd as in:"dd bs=4096 if=The.Tunnel.2011.Xvid-VODO.avi of=/media/AA5D-8F2D/The.Tunnel.2011.Xvid-VODO.avi"I think it the problem is related to the copy bitrate...Any clues?Thanks(also: it happens both in ubuntu and arch linux) neodarkness https://bbs.archli (HowTos)