can't communicate fully with other computers

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I downloaded and installed a new copy of Fedora 11 last week onto a new computer (hereafter "proximate"). I also have a remote computer without a monitor running an outdated version of Red Hat Linux (hereafter "remote"). To manage the processes on remote graphically, I ssh from proximate into remote; this connection succeeds without incident in transmitting text (including commands) between the two computers; however, the command "gnome-session" returns: (gnome-session:15789): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: (The numbers apparently represent the process identifier and vary from instance to instance.) A similar warning (and no accompanying graphics) occurs whenever I attempt to start any graphical user interface from remote via ssh from proximate. The issue almost certainly lies with proximate; remote successfully communicated graphics to the ancient box that proximate replaces. Interestingly, I cannot communicate via ssh from remote to proximate (within a secure shell from proximate to remote). If I execute /usr/sbin/sshd on proximate as root, then I can login, but even then I cannot execute any commands. Consider the following output: [snowmanwx@proximate ~]$ su Password: [root@proximate jpetre]# ssh remote root@remote's password: Last login: Mon Oct 19 12:10:22 2009 from proximate [root@aqmodel ~]# gnome-session (gnome-session:15879): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: [root@remote ~]# ssh proximate root@proximate's password: Last login: Mon Oct 19 18:24:58 2009 from remote Connection to proximate closed. [root@remote ~]# If I execute ssh -vvv proximate from remote to proximate, then I get a lengthy output that ultimately ends with "debug1: Exit status 254." What must I do to communicate both text and graphics among my computers? Thank you for any assistance. (HowTos)