Can't boot Vista unless Ubuntu 9.10 USB is plugged in...

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Welcome back to the daring adventures of TalkUbuntu! Here is the lowdown: So, I decide I want to install Ubuntu on my flash drive. I decide to use the install feature on the disk, and just make it take up the whole drive. No problem there. It installs. When I restart my computer, I take out my flash drive to see how it turned out. Lo' and behold, GRUB was installed on my hard drive, but whatever. I let GRUB load, but there is not an OS in sight. From that, I restart my computer with the flash drive in, and everything works fine. I restarted another time without the flash drive, and tried the boot menu, but it did not show my hard drive just GRUB which didn't work... I would like as much help as I can get. Here is what I want solved (for you simpletons): 1. Allow my computer to boot Vista (my other OS), without requiring this flash drive plugged into my computer. 2. How to correctly install Ubuntu (9.10) on a flash drive. For those who want to make arguments on why I want to change my computer from how it is now: Don't bother making an argument. Thank you for your time (and hopefully effort). (HowTos)