can't boot Linux Kernel EFISTUB using rEFInd

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – i am trying to install arch on my macbook (mid-2012) (arch only os) using EFISTUB/rEFInd but unsuccessful. i read and followed wiki step by step.my partition scheme:/dev/sda1: 512MB (fat32,/boot/efi)/dev/sda2: 100MB (ext2,/boot)/dev/sda3: lvm partitioni use lvm on luks, root partition in lvm partition.there are some changes from wiki:/boot/efi/EFI/arch/linux.conf root=/dev/mapper/arch-root ro rootfstype=ext4 add_efi_memmap initrd=\EFI\arch\initramfs-linux.img reboot=pci noapicand/boot/efi/EFI/arch/refind_linux.conf "Boot with defaults" "root=/dev/mapper/arch-root ro rootfstype (HowTos)