Cannot Triple Boot(OS X, Vista, openSUSE)

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http://forums.opensuse.org – hi, i'm trying to make my imac capable of triple boot. the software i use are: mac os x 10.5.8 win vista sp1 linux opensuse 11.2 and, rEFIt GParted i used the diskutility to create 6 partitions. 1st. is for the EFI 2nd. is for mac 3rd. is for linux 4th. is for windows i successfully installed the mac also successfullu installed windows but here came the problem after using rEFIt & GParted, i found out that the GPT Partition Table is messed up. but MBR Partition Table looks all right. So. 1. how do i update or change the GPT Partition Table 2. after installing opensuse, how do i set windows to "Active" some say can use fdisk, but, the "free fdisk", and "fdisk" that came with os x dvd are different from the fdisk from microsoft.) (so what command should i use to set windows active) 3each time i use gparted, it can be sync with rEFIt(GPT&MBR) - although GPT is wrong but install linux(opensuse), the bootloader changes the EFI Partition Tables. so it's really confusing. 4.do know what went wrong, but each time after installing and running opensuse, it boots, then screen went totally bland. 5.i'm running x 10.5.8, but i cannot boot smoothly from my dvd drive, and i don't know why. Thanks in advance. ed (Distributions)