cannot login as root on FC12 GUI after upgrade

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – After upgrading from FC10 to FC12 here I notice I cannot login to the GUO console locally as root, yet this worked with FC10. Attached is my /etc/gdm/custom.conf settings and I've got the login for root set true whih is where it was and working prior to the upgrade....I'm stumped. Also I don't see the shutdown/restart options as before either: [daemon] AutomaticLoginEnable=false AutomaticLogin= TimedLoginEnable=false TimedLogin= TimedLoginDelay=30 User=gdm Group=gdm PidFile=/var/run/gdm.pid DisplayInitDir=/etc/gdm/Init XKeepsCrashing=/etc/gdm/XKeepsCrashing DefaultSession=default.desktop UserAuthDir= UserAuthFBDir=/tmp UserAuthFile=.Xauthority StandardXServer=/usr/X11R6/bin/X [security] AllowRoot=true AllowRemoteRoot=true AllowRemoteAutoLogin=false RelaxPermissions=2 CheckDirOwner=true [xdmcp] Enable=true [gui] GtkTheme=Clearlooks [greeter] TitleBar=false ConfigAvailable=true Browser=false MinimalUID=500 Logo= SystemMenu=true ShowGnomeFailsafeSession=false ShowLastSession=true Use24Clock=true GraphicalThemeDir=/usr/share/gdm/themes/ IncludeAll=false [chooser] Hosts= Broadcast=true Multicast=false [debug] Enable=false [servers] 0=Standard [server-Standard] name=Standard server flexible=true [server-Terminal] name=Terminal server flexible=false handled=false [server-Chooser] name=Chooser server flexible=false chooser=true (HowTos)