cannot install OpenSuse 11.2 at Dell latitude XT

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi! I can't install OpenSuse 11.2 on my Dell latitude XT notebook. 1. I tried DVD x86-64 install. The process seemed ok, but after installing Suse can't boot - with its any menu item. Booting seemed ok, there was no errors in screen lines, but when GUI seemed try to load (the screen became colored), all freezed. VGA menu item and other boot menu options did not save the situation. Repeat booting from DVD with Recovery option showed not mount or not correctly unmount fs (which couldn't be corrected by recovery program), some not fatal difficulties in the core and other minor and correctable errors. But after recovery process the picture was the same. Sory for this describing, I'm a beginner at Linux, and decide to move to Linux from Windows, and choose Suse as better...:( I can not yet mount fs or correct mounting problems from consol and do not know utilities for this from booting. Moreover, the installing process looks absolutely normal without errors, that begining at first booting... 2. Then I tried net install. The same picture. 3. Installing to clean hd... The same. (Manual partitioning - the same too.) I will not describe my numerous different attemps (and wast time spent for net downloading), so far as I thought that the matter was in my adjustments in the istalling process, because other Linux distributives (such as Mandriva, Ubuntu etc. tried by me) were installed without the slightest problem at the Latitude XT. 4. Then I downloaded and installed 11.1 version of Suse. There was only some minor errors, and booting was normal. But there appeared some problems with downloading from repositories and I couldn't update it to 11.2; and installing 11.2 over 11.1 from DVD resulted to the same problems. 5. After I searched this forum, I've tried different installing options (noacpi and so on) at last.. But without any result and any change... :(( Please, help me. I easy installed OpenSuse 11.2 from DVD at my desktop without any error and I like it very much. By the way, some more question about Dell Latitude XT: Does there exist support for N-trig multi-touch for Linux? It would be splendid! Or maybe Wacom Linux drivers will work with this tablet? Thank you. (Distributions)