cannot find compiler g77

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi everyone, I have recently installed Fedora 11 and I am having some trouble with it. While installing another program I get the message: make: g77: Command not found I tied to look for the compiler to install using yum search g77 and got the following list: cernlib-g77.i586 : General purpose CERN library cernlib-g77.x86_64 : General purpose CERN library cernlib-g77-devel.i586 : General purpose CERN library development package cernlib-g77-devel.x86_64 : General purpose CERN library development package cernlib-g77-static.x86_64 : General purpose CERN library static libraries cernlib-g77-utils.x86_64 : CERN library compilation and environment setting scripts cernlib-packlib-g77.x86_64 : I/O, network and other utilities from the cernlib compat-gcc-34-g77.x86_64 : Fortran 77 support for compatibility compiler geant321-g77.x86_64 : Particle detector description and simulation tool kuipc-g77.x86_64 : Cernlib's Kit for a User Interface Package (KUIP) compiler patchy-g77.x86_64 : The patchy utilities paw-g77.x86_64 : A program for the analysis and presentation of data I was wondering if it is in some obscure repository, which would seem odd to me. I have the following repositories available (as shown in yumex) : updates Fedora 11 - x86_64 - Updates adobe - linux - i386 Adobe fedora Fedora 11 - x86_64 livna rpm.livna.org for 11 - x86_64 I am new to linux and really need help with this. What am I doing wrong here ? Thank you all in advance! (HowTos)