Cannot assign requested address, problem,

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hi, i'm running a game server and have a problem when i put the ip address into the start up command. i can start it ok using the local ip address,, for example, but this doesnt seem to put the game on the master server list so i tried to use the ip address assigned to the router, which is port forwarded to my server but i get the error: Opening IP socket 86.x.x.x:27960 ERROR: UDP OpenSocket: bind: Cannot asign requested address do i have to do something with iptables or /etc/network/interfaces? the only other thing i can think of is DMZ and i dont really want to do that, the relevent ports are open in the router and with iptables maybe i have to put a rule in iptables to allow the ip address too? thanks, (HowTos)