Can Unity and GNOME Shell apps run on LXDE?

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http://askubuntu.com – I am currently using GNOME Shell, Unity and GNOME Classic on Ubuntu 11.10. I would like to know if I download LXDE, would the GTK applications that I have on GNOME 3.2 (which is being used by Unity and GNOME Shell) be able to be used in LXDE, or do I have to install separate software that can only be used by LXDE? Because the apps I install on Unity Shell can also be accessed and used on GNOME Shell (I suppose this is because they are both running on GNOME 3.2 which uses GTK+3 libraries) can I find the same apps I install on GNOME Shell and Unity on LXDE? Here's what I mean: I install GNOME (HowTos)