Can a terminal emulator be as fast as TTY 1-6?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I've been trying various terminal emulators lately, from the built-in gnome-terminal, aterm, xterm, wterm, to rxvt. The test I've been doing is in this order: Open up a tmux window with 2 panes The left pane will be an verbose-intensive task such as 'grep a /et/c -r' or a simple "time seq -f 'blah blah %g' 100000" The right pane will be a vim window with syntax on, opening any file that has more than >100 lines of code. When the left pane is printing a lot of output, the right pane seems to be very slow and unresponsive, I tried to scroll in vim but it takes 1-2 second for it to change. Wh (HowTos)