Can Qt SDK be used for development on any Linux distro?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Fisrt of all I am a Windows developer guy but really like linux. On Windows, Visual Studio provides an excellent IDE for C and C++ development. The only other IDE and toolkit I like is the Qt SDK and I've used it a bit on Windows. I currently run Linux in a VirtualBox VM on Windows 7 so that I can mess around with it fearlessly. I have a KDE based Kubuntu 11 which is quite heavy. I also have Xfce based Xubuntu 11 VM (which I like) and Linux Mint 11. I want to delete the Kubuntu VM but KDE is based on Qt, and the other distros I have use gnome/GTK+. Would Qt on a gnome-based distro be any dif (HowTos)