Can an "or" type of conditional be used for depends() in PKGBUILD?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – ANOKNUSA wrote:falconindy wrote:lolilolicon wrote:The problem is solved for you byprovides=("linux-ck-headers=${pkgver}" "linux-headers=${pkgver}")in the linux-ck-headers PKGBUILDSo you can just put linux-headers to depends=().I think provides=() is intended to just solve this sort of situation.Except that this is entirely wrong. linux-ck-headers cannot possibly provide linux-headers.I always assumed what lollicon said:➜ ~/ pacman -Si linux-ck-headers ... Provides : linux-ck-headers=3.9.9 linux-headers=3.9.9 <---- ...The PKGBUILD might require graysky' (HowTos)