Can not boot ASUS Z8NA-D6C + Single CPU (Intel Xeon E5620)

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http://serverfault.com – Just got a new ASUS Z8NA-D6C motherboard (http://www.asus.com/Server_Workstation/Server_Motherboards/Z8NAD6C/), but failed to start it with single Intel Xeon E5620 in CPU1 socket. I powered it with 650W and put memory, hdd, etc. When I try to power it from motherboard, it starts (psu and cpu fans are running, green led on mb is on) and then turns off. I looked into manual it doesn't look like I have missed anything for setting up. So, my guesses are: Intel Xeon E5620 doesn't supported ? (on web site it says "Six-Core/Quad-Core/Dual Core Intel® Xeon® E5600/E5500 Series (80W)") I need both (HowTos)