Can not boot ArchLinux with a Macbook pro 7.1

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Today i endly decide to put a Linux in dual boot on my macbook 7.1 I parted the HDD with Gparted like this : refit / MacOSX / boot / root / home I installed Arch succefully, folowing the tuto about the macbook specific install. When it ends with the bootloader install screen i get an issue, i simply can't select the boot(/dev/sda3) partition to install GRUB in it - it only propose sda.. Then i reboot, try to sync the partition table with REfit but it says it's ok... Sounds weird but ok, i put a Ubuntu LiveCD in my macbook and reboot with it. Try to install Grub this way but it desn't work t (HowTos)