Can igniteUX run on windows? or Solaris? to instal HP-UX on a PA-RISC?

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http://www.unix.com – Hellow, I want to get a PA-RISC C3750 running HP-UX. For that purpose I need to set up an ingniteUX server, on another machine, in order to shove the HP-UX into the target C3750. :rolleyes: Or so it seems. :confused: :confused: Question: Can I use a PC (Windows 7) to run ingnite? The ideia is to connect the PC to the C3750 via a twisted pair ethernet cable, run the ignite on Windows 7,and install HP-UX from a virtual CD (well, 4 CDs) located in the PC (the C3750 has no CD drive); or perhaps I could use the PC's cd rom drive? Alternatively, I could connect an UltraSparc5 to the C3750. No CD (HowTos)