Can I migrate from wubi Dual boot to Regular Dual boot?

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http://askubuntu.com – 12.04 LTS wubi "F:\ image on partition" and "windows7 on C:\" Wanted to test before using full install. However I kinda customized the looks and got lots of SW installed and now I don't like the idea of reinstalling the whole thing all over again :D... Due to previous cloning my broken 320GB HDD to 500GB HDD I had ca. 180GB unallocated which I made as NTFS and it's drive F:. I would like to make that drive ext with full ubuntu 12.04 but I'd like, if possible, to make my current wubi installation a full one. Now I read that it's possible to migrate wubi to full. But.. Is it safe with Grub (HowTos)