Can i do this in Gnome/Kde/xface?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – When I use my laptop. I share my destop like A|B In the left(A),this is my writing place. Maybe I opened a txt with gedit. In the right(B),this is my reading place.Maybe I opened a pdf to read. When I was writing in A place. Sometime I should read something in B. And I should move my mouse to B and scroll with mouse to see the whole paper (or type the key pg up/pg dn) Can I set some key to control the B place when I work at A? like this: When I writing in gedit(A place) , I type pg up key(or up key or scroll the mouse) , then pdf(in B place) moved. How can I use the different key to control different window at the same time? (HowTos)