Can GRUB2 share the EFI system partition with Windows?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have an existing Windows 7 GPT installation, which already has a EFI System partition. I am now trying to install a Linux on a separate harddisk, which is also GPT formatted. I did not find any working way to get grub booting without EFI system partition, so my question is: Is it possible for grub2 to use the same EFI System partition as windows? How do I tell grub2 to use it? To clarify my setup: gpt /dev/sda: 1 EFI System partition created by windows (100MB) 2 "Microsoft reserved partition" (200MB) 3 Windows root (rest of disk) gpt /dev/sdb: 1 boot partition containing (HowTos)