Can gnuplot use a row of data as key title or as label?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I use gnuplot to print some ascii files. In the same plot I use data from different files. I skip the first and second line using every ::3. Can I use the first two rows as key titles? Or more generally, can I use row N as a label or key title? If possible, I want a solution using only gnuplot and not external tools. My script is more or less this: reset set logscale x set logscale y set logscale z set key autotitle columnhead set view 64,52 set key bottom center box outside plot "RDRY_0.TXT" u 1:2:3:4 every ::3 w l lc palette,\ "RDRY_1.TXT" u 1:2:3:4 every ::3 w l lc palette,\ "RDRY_2.T (HowTos)