Can fstab options uid and gid be the user-group name or must they be numeric?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm learning how to set up a tmpfs in fstab for my www-data user and I was wondering if I can use the actual user/group name instead if the numeric ids (personal preference)? I'm on Debian with ext4, formatted with "msdos" during setup. It seems to be working, but I'm wondering if this is a Debian-specific feature or will it work across platforms (I like portability)? Here's what I've got: $ vim /etc/fstab # PHP temporary files. tmpfs /tmpfs/php-session tmpfs defaults,size=512M,mode=1700,uid=www-data,gid=www-data,noexec,nodev,nosuid 0 0 tmpfs /tmpfs/php-upload tmpfs defaults,size=256M,mo (HowTos)