Can Banshee display the # of times my ipod played a song?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – My wife runs an Ubuntu desktop that we use Rhythmbox to listen to music with. I run the latest Opensuse on a netbook that I listen to music at work with. I run KDE, but I use Banshee because I prefer its interface to Amarok. It was trouble getting Mp3 to work, and I still havn't gotten to work on Amarok. On Ubuntu, Rhythmbox recognizes the IPOD, and gives me the option to manage or listen to the songs on the device. WHen I click the IPOD icon on the left, it shows me the IPOD's library - something distinct from the general music library. It tells me how many times a song was played on my IPOD, even if I played the tune when the IPOD was detached from the computer. Banshe, on the other hand, does not provide me with an IPOD icon when I plug it into the netbook. I can get to the songs, but only by importing the songs into Banshee's primary music library. It doesn't tell me how many times a song is played. I'd like it to, if feasible - and I hypothisize that the difference stems from the fact that Rhythmbox is letting me listen to the songs from the IPOD library whereas Banshee is treating the imported songs as new songs in its library. I've gone through the options menu on Banshee to look at the extensions. There are a number listed, but the only one having anything to do with ipods has to do with podcasts. there is no option to search for or add extentions. I'm not good at terminal work or editing text files. So if anyone knows an answer to this, please help me in simple steps. thanks! (Distributions)