Calling Pl/sql function in shell script to modify csv

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http://www.unix.com – I need to 1.Open a csv 2.Process the csv i.e. Modify 2 column in the csv. To modify the column the value needs to be passed to a pl/sql function and the return value should be updated For eg: If column 2 E,then E will be passed in database function which will return Employee. 3. Write a temprray file with the changed value b.csv I am trying to use the awk command but its not working Code: RET_VALUE=`sqlplus -s ${FCP_LOGIN} <<EOF SET TERM ON SET ECHO ON SET SERVEROUT ON SIZE 10000 SET LINESIZE 250 Begin foo(A); end; exit; EOF` awk -F "," '$2=$RET_VALUE'  a.csv (HowTos)