cairo-dock crashing

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http://askubuntu.com – I see these messages even though the keys are not 'binded' anywhere: warning : (/build/buildd/cairo-dock-2.4.0~2/src/gldit/cairo-dock-dock-manager.c:get_config:1400) no shortcut defined to make the dock appear, we'll keep it above. Binding '<Control>F6' failed! warning : (/build/buildd/cairo-dock-2.4.0~2/src/gldit/cairo-dock-keybinder.c:cd_keybinder_bind:311) Couldn't bind <Control>F6 This shortkey is probably already used by another applet or another application _cd_find_volume_name_from_drive_name: assertionpDrive != NULL' failed Binding 'F1' failed! warning : (/build/bu (HowTos)