C++: Reading archives inside archives

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I currently have about 9000 zip files, with each of those zip files containing roughly 5000-10000 zip files and each of those zip files contain about 1000 csv files. I need to strip mine some data from those csv files. Preferably using C++. I don't want to be doing any writing to disk cause that may take a while. Currently, I'm using libzip Code (dodgy hack) so far: Code: int readMasterZipFile(string zipFile) {         struct zip *z;     struct zip_stat st;     struct entry *e;     int numberOfFiles;     int n;     int err;     char errstr[1024];     off_t size;     unsigned int crc;     char b[8192];     struct zip_file *zf;         if ((z=zip_open(zipFile.c_str(), 0, &err)) == NULL)         {             zip_error_to_str(errstr, sizeof(errstr), err, errno);             fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open zip archive `%s': %s\n", zipFile.c_str(), errstr);             return -1;         }         numberOfFiles = zip_get_num_files(z);         fprintf(stdout, "The number of files in zip = %d\n", numberOfFiles);         // Stop testing with all the files - just one for now         int test = 1;//numberOfFiles;         for ( int j = 0; j < test; j++ )         {             //zip_stat_index(z, j, 0, &st);                        // Need to open this zip file             zf = zip_fopen_index(z, j, ZIP_FL_COMPRESSED);             while ((n=zip_fread(zf, b, sizeof(b))) > 0)             {                                                     }             zip_fclose(zf);         }         // Close this zip file         zip_close(z);         // For now, useless return         return 1; } My problem is that I need to read the archive within the archive. I can read csv files straight out of a single zip. Anybody offer any solutions/ideas/alternatives? (HowTos)