Byzanz-record, Record your Desktop Session to a GIF image

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http://linuxers.org – Byzanz is a pretty cool command line screencast application which lets you record the Desktop session as a GIF image, Theora video and others. Earlier releases only had the option to save the session as a GIF image but recent releases also allow recording it as a video. Audio recording is supported too. The latest version available is 0.2.1. This version depends on Cairo 1.8.10 where as default cairo installed in most of the systems is 1.8.8 so you might have some trouble in installing byzanz's latest release. Features New in this release:  Allow recording audio with Theora video.  Add an internal debugging format  Add a byzanz-playback application for playback of the debugging format.  Cache recording on disk. Slow encoders will not consume all memory anymore. You can download and install the latest release of the software from here. http://download.gnome.org/sources/byzanz/0.2/ I tried installing it but faced some difficulty upgrading cairo. So, if anyone successfully installs it, do leave a comment. (General)