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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, I stumbled across this build service forum while looking for an answer to a source code question. I'm a programmer of many years so I do understand compiling etc. so that part of things you don't have to explain. However, I download the sources to php5.2.12 from php.net -- the latest build of the 5.2.x branch because opensuse 11.2 starts with php5.3 and most apps. I am using are not yet ready to work with 5.3. It seems it would be easier to go back with the php version rather than try and update all the apps. So, when I looked at the configure options for compiling php I found dozens of them so I figured the smart thing to do was download the source that opensuse used to compile php5.3 and use that as a template for how I configure php5.2. However, I couldn't find such a source. If found debug sources (header files) but not actual code and make configuration data so I came to the forums to ask where to find the sources and then came across this forum on a build service. So my questions are: Where to you get the source code that were used to compile apps., in my case php5.3.x? And, since I need to create this php5.2.12 build how do I go about it? ...now knowing that I should probably use this build service and make my compiling available to everyone. This will be the first time I have compiled anything on linux/opensuse having embraced linux after years of windows programming so your help in getting started will be much appreciated. (Distributions)